Monday, May 2, 2011

Pick of the Week: Coldplay, the Aston Quartet, and Yours Truly.

I wasn't familiar with the song Viva la Vida when I was chosen to sing the solo for my high school a cappella group.

I know, I know.  She's going to blog about herself again?

Well, not entirely.  About a year ago I came across the YouTube channel for a group called Aston Music.  I was intrigued by the group's classical twist on popular music - the six members of the group call the Sydney Conservatorium of Music their alma mater.  I listened to their cover of Lady Gaga's super-hit Telephone and immediately subscribed.

Fast forward to three days ago.  I listened to their cover of Viva la Vida and decided that I had to feature it here at hippie espionage.  The song lends itself for orchestration like no other.  In fact, I didn't realize how good the song was until I heard these guys do it.

Coincidentally, I had finally gotten ahold of a video of my performance of the tune from October 2009.  I wasn't going to feature it, I swear...

...but sometimes, I'm just sorry I'm not sorry.