Friday, January 1, 2010

The McLovins at Sullivan Hall, NYC 12/29/09

They delivered.

Talking with a family friend tonight made me realize that there are bands who have songs, and bands who jam.  It is rare to find a band that will do both well.  From what I saw tonight, the McLovins have it.  There were some really nice segways that happened and some incredible jams to go along with it.

The boys opened up the set with ‘Guillotine Machine,’ a really good groovish sort of jam.  Conundrum came up next, followed up by this jam that I found myself seriously grooving to.  It had sort of a disco feel, with lots of underlying syncopation.  Me like.  :)

Upon catching the first inkling of ‘Rapper’s Delight’ from Jason’s bassline, I immediately turned to my dad to bask in the groove.. and he rolled his eyes when I started rapping along.  Nevertheless, the clever and fun covertune made it into my favorites of the night.

Halfway through the night, I found myself thanking the Gods of Jam.. and I only do that at Phish shows.  Jeff seriously jammed all night, and Jason and Jake provided some excellent solos and backing for all the insane shredding going down.

Due to circumstances I could not affect (aka the opportunity of getting a free ride back to Grand Central at 1am), I had to bag out before the show was over that night.  I saw the setlist for the rest of the night, and it looked rockin.. I'm bummed I missed out.

Up next?  The Ryan Montbleau Band is headlining at the Fairfield Theatre Company for the next two nights, and I am sooooo there.  Reviews are on the way!

Peace, love, and mini glow-stick wars,



  1. Geoff shredded all night long. Jake and Jason were all over it. This band is quickly coming into it's own. Looking forward to what 2010 brings for the McL's.

  2. These guys are pure magic! They love playin and it shows!
    And yes the rare combination of pure shredding and great songs, kinda like the mix of jam and songs moe is known for!

  3. Sorry I missed what sounds like a great show! The McLovins rock!

    Thanks for keeping us informed, and for the photos. They are great!

  4. LOVED this review, I was gonna write one up, until I noticed you did a beautiful job with this, I might in the future, probably not, but this definitely takes the cake. You're an amazing writer!