Friday, July 31, 2009

Well, Well, Well.

Here I am, minutes after confirming that yes, I do want my very own blog. Yes, I do want to share my thoughts with people. And yes, I am committed to eschewing the certain confusion that comes with the sporadic, cryptic updates that I so happen to love on Twitter.

So here I am. Committed. Eager.


First things first, the name I chose for this blog is relevant. Promise! I am an avid music fan and concert-goer, but and sometimes it gets to the point where I become the observer, fully aware of my surroundings but an outsider nonetheless.

So this is it. My very own, personal, whatever-the-hell-I-want blog. Although if I were to continue with the theme I laid out with my title, this blog is about music. But it's more. It's about music, and family, and (dare I say it?) life in general. It's myths, it's fallacies, everything.

So will I live up to this self-proclaimed ongoing discussion of music and everything that encompasses it?

Read on, my friends.

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