Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ryan Montbleau NYC 8/27/09

Rocks Off! Cruise 8/27/09

I headed off to the big city on a Thursday afternoon in high spirits and with higher hopes of a great (and always stylin!) night. After a half of an hour playing wild goose chase with an elusive Chinese place on third avenue (I'm beginning to suspect it doesn't even exist), I was not in the best of physical condition, even in my stylin ankle boots. In fact, because of my stylin ankle boots. So it would make sense that I was psyched to get on the boat, perhaps take a brief respite? All good stuff.

So there we (as in, my bestie Caroline and I.. for all intensive purposes, she will be referred to as Dr. Cizzle from now on.. only because it's fantastic. and no, she is not aware of this.... yet.) were, walking up to this ferry, snapping pictures like there was no tomorrow. As we boarded, a man who looked strangely familiar approached us. Like, very familiar, but I just couldn't place him... until he asked if we wanted to work the merchandise table for the night! Then it clicked: it was James from the band (not the band, The Band, but.... oh dear.). So anyways.

We got all set up at the merch table by Larry the viola player and watched the show from there. Not a shabby gig, I must say.. we got freebies on any stuff we wanted (although I already owned everything on the table.... I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing) and made lots of new friends!

Dana and SATURDAY (and Dr. Cizzle and me!), the schizofrenic purple monkey marionette that Dana was kind enough to lend us for a while!

As for the show itself, it seemed as if there was nothing particularly standout at the time (except for a great cover of Bend Down Low and She Blinded Me With Science.. both crowd favorites!), I have been tuning in to the recording of the show, and it's actually quite stellar. The sound quality is amazing- almost like a studio recording. A great setlist and (as always) great musicianship. After listening to the show a few times, LIDS, Chariot, and Eggs are the favorites. I have a feeling I'm presenting a bias, though...

jamming to Eggs

So check it out yourself! The archive is really the way to go on this one.


  1. I've listened to this show a few times too and would add "Shine On" as a standout. I've been reading this blog for a short while and like your perspective on the music. Keep it the good work.

  2. So nice seeing some fresh ears and eyes giving feedback on this scene.. it's so easy to get jaded, I don't even bother to pretend I'm objective anymore :-)