Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GATHERING OF THE VIBES 2010 (Part 4 of 4) @ Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT

The Harlem Gospel Choir: the best way to spend a Sunday morning.  Maybe because I'm a vocalist myself, and perhaps because I may have a thing for gospel music ('Hercules' has the best soundtrack out of all the Disney movies, hands down), but they're always one of my favorite acts at the Vibes.  There's nothing quite like getting shivers from good music on a hot summer day.

Check out this short video I took of their opening song:

I found my twin!

And the official title for Official Random New Find of the Vibes goes to Lubriphonic, a Chicago-based group who kind of rocks (this is where you detect the vast understatement).  Their music is sort of the rock/funk genre (whatever that means) and is super lively and fun to groove and dance to.  I could definitely picture myself going to see these guys again and having a really fun time dancing the night away.

I'm going to link to their MySpace page here where you can listen to some of their music (which I highly recommend).  Here's hoping to a full-on Lubriphonic show in my near future!

I have a bone to pick with this Martin Sexton fellow.  I just don't think he is as good as Ryan Montbleau, and it was a damn shame that he had to come in an interrupt what was otherwise a perfectly fine performance from the RMB on Sunday afternoon.  I saw him in early June and was just plain unimpressed (and totally baffled as to why everyone else was eating it up).  Let's just say I'm looking forward to seeing the Ryan Montbleau Band without Sexton very soon (hopefully doing the August 27th boat show).

'A Mainstay of the Vibes' almost became the tagline for the Ryan Montbleau Band from The Vibes People (official title? No, but good enough) this year.  If that's true, I would love to know why they couldn't squeeze in a full set for these guys.  Normally another favorite act of the Vibes, but this year not so.

We found Ryan later hanging in the Kiddie Tent, so it was chill.

Wavy Gravy MC'd the weekend's festivities and provided some quality entertainment while the Tribe waited (for an unnecessarily long time, I might add) between sets.  Remind me again why there weren't two stages this year?  

Jimmy Cliff

Although I may have complained a little too heartily in this entry, I maintain the utmost sincerity when I say that the Gathering of the Vibes is the best time of the year.

GOTV '11!  Bring it on!

Peace, love, and blue roses,

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