Monday, August 9, 2010

GATHERING OF THE VIBES 2010 (Part 3 of 4) @ Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT

Saturday was nicely bookended with power trios.  The McLovins shredded the Green Stage for a great afternoon set and Primus absolutely rocked the house at night.

But before we could settle down and put our listening ears on, we had some work to do...

The Thousand Hippie March was put into play!  The idea was borrowed for the Million Mom March, but we figured we would start just a little smaller.  (I'm not sure I would want to be caught up in a million hippies...)

Basically the idea was to bring attention to the fact that The McLovins should have been put on the Main Stage this year by rousing up the Main Stage crowd to head on over to the Green Stage and hear their set.

There were over two thousand faces melting!

The band played a great set - they started up, appropriately, with a jammed-out rendition of 'Dancin' In the Streets,' followed up by a crowd favorite, 'Tokyo Tea.'  I love this one because it's catchy and it's a great jam vehicle (and they jammed, alright!).  Somewhere after a song or two the group went into Phish's 'Tweezer Reprise' as a continuation of the night that all self-respecting Phans should know about by now (Read about it here!).  The faced-paced 'Virtual Circle' and The Door's 'Break on Through' were other highlights of the set as well.

I've got to give it to these guys - especially for a mid-day set, The McLovins tore the place up.  There was energy and enthusiasm in the crowd and the band that didn't happen again until the sun went down.

I was impressed with Primus, the headliner set of the night.  I wasn't sure what to expect out of them after hearing some mixed reviews.  I was immediately entranced by the music - it was totally different than what I had been listening to all day.  Maybe it was something about the heavy, repetitive basslines (hypnobass?) or the plain weirdness of the lyrics and Les Claypool himself, but for some reason... I liked it.

They play the sort of music that I know I could have a good time to.  There are definite heavy metal influences to their stuff.  Also - there was a giant glowing caterpillar!

I definitely want to catch Primus again sometime soon to experience a full-length show.  Fall tour, anyone?

Peace, love, & clown cones,


  1. insightful as always, Kudos to you and Dave for the March!

  2. Hypno-Frog says turn up the hypno-bass!