Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Pimps of Joytime 6 Aug 2010 @ Fairfield Theater Company in Fairfield, CT

After seeing The Pimps of Joytime at the Gathering of the Vibes last year and getting some serious groove on, I immediately wanted to buy tickets to their show at my favorite venue in CT, the Fairfield Theater Company.

And man, I'm glad I did.  During the first set of the night, I was beginning to wonder if they were really as good as I remembered them to be or if something was in the air at the Vibes last year.  But come second set, my doubts were put aside for good. 

Out came the big guns.  The big, groovy guns.  The second set laid down such a heavier beat than the first set in general.  No one could stay in a seat - their stuff is danceable!

What's interesting to note is that their band is basically three percussionists (drummer, a guy on what looked like two large bongos (don't ask me the technical term), and a girl doing loops on a computer as well as playing other assorted smaller percussion instruments), a guitarist and a bassist.  Sort of a curious distribution of sections for a 5-person band, but hey!  Why not?

The crowd was totally into it during the second set of the night (including myself!).  They played a bunch of songs I couldn't tell you the name of, but don't write me off just yet!  I caught the encore on tape just for you, dear reader:

I am definitely going to catch these guys next time they're in town.

Sun salutations all around,

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  1. The Pimps were the absolute bomb at Outside Lands, Trusty E...

    Love them Carolina Chocolate Drops and Trombone Shorty too as both were tremendous in the park at Hardly Strictly Blue Grass this year.

    John Bergan (JB from Grateful Graphics)