Monday, April 25, 2011

Pick of the Week: Beyoncé and Friends

Who doesn't love Beyoncé?  Not only does she have killer pipes, but her songs are engaging, powerful, and apparently, lots of fun to cover.  Example A: The internet sensation Pomplamoose covered Single Ladies in 2009.  The result?  Almost seven and a half MILLION views to date.

It was almost no surprise when Grace Potter & the Nocturnals took on Beyoncé's newest hit, Why Don't You Love Me.  It has that sort of sixties psychadelic vibe that the GPN does so well.  Beyoncé and her songwriters deserve a grand hoorah.   Grace did a pared-down version that is more in the spirit of acoustic, bluesy energy than the R&B original.  Both are incredibly addictive.  You've been warned. 
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals announced this morning that they will be hosting a two-day festival at the Waterfront Park in Burlington, VT this August.  They're calling it the Grand Point North.  I see a correlation: GPN, anyone?  Considering my family and I plan our vacations around the Waterfront Music Festival every summer (don't tell Grandma!), we will definitely be there.

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