Friday, January 1, 2010

Ryan Montbleau Band 12/30/09 @ Fairfield, CT

I remembered exactly why I own three Ryan Montbleau t-shirts.

I hadn't seen the RMB since late August.  Things have changed for me since then, and I'm glad to report that I have found things are different on their end as well.

New material, new vibes, new jams, and new years.  I think we've got a theme going..

The band first impressed me with starting with what I call a 'nowhere jam' right from the top.  This sort of jam literally comes from nowhere, with no melody, no focus, and no point, other than making music, of course.  So this nowhere jam starts slowly with nowhere to go, and all of a sudden, like a button was pushed, the first song comes.  Wild.

The other new technique I found the band using was not only the intro jam, but the outro jam as well.  Many of the RMB songs end on a single beat with the whole band in unison.  Not this time around.  A few of the tunes at the end go into a quick jam, and it seems as if they will return to the known to finish off the song, but instead it just.. ends.  But I kinda like it.  It's new.  Anticlimactic, if you will.

There were some fun moments throughout the night, like Eddy Grant's 'Electric Avenue,' a tune the band loves to do from time to time.  This one can get really funky (in a good way!).

Another highlight of the night was an impromptu song about Oprah, derived from banter with the crowd that somehow landed on the topic of our favorite TV hostess.  Lots of laughter as Ryan picked up his guitar, and slowly drawled something about being the next Oprah and the whole band joined in.  It's stuff like this that keeps me listening to live music.. it's so much more fun.

A mysterious guest?  Note Ryan's dance moves..

I had never heard the group's only coined holiday tune, 'Resolution,' before that night, and I ended up wondering if it would be taboo for them to do it more often.  I really liked it - the song starts off with an invitation - "Meet me by the mistletoe."  It is introspective, calm, and beautiful.  When the chorus comes around, however, a whole new vibe comes into play.  The tune is revved up by Maddie with a rockin and persistent bassline as the whole thing becomes this rock and roll/jazz fusion type deal.  It's very cool.

'Love & Love Lost' is one of my favorites off the album Patience on Friday, mainly because of its poetic value.  So of course I was pleased when it was played tonight, only because it's one of those tunes that almost never happens.  Definitely a personal highlight.

It's good to be back, folks.

The wild horses in Nevada deserve to live in their natural habitat,


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  1. Enjoyed your posts, Elizabeth. I loved these two nights and cannot wait for Saturday @ Mexicali Blues.