Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tokyo Tea - The McLovins

I couldn't help myself.  This groove is too good to not blog about!  Tell me what you think.


  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing

  2. Great new song! I like everything I've heard from them -

    Love your updates - keep them up!

  3. im LOVIN your love light on the mclovins!! its great to hear someone else talk about the unrestrained shredding jeff bestows upon us with as much enthusiams as i have! i liked your review of their sullivan hall show, i was there and thought you articulated their epic shredding quite well. maybe you saw me there, beard, front and center, dancing like a fool the entire time, that was me!!! are you venturing out to any of their upcoming shows? i'll be dancelovin at all of 'em !! see ya there !!

  4. Love this new video, castljs, it's me Tyler, the kid dancing up a storm right with you, would love to chat, shoot me an email,

    Great job with the review too Elizabeth, you're an awesome blogger, much better than what I can do. :)