Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Picks

Valentine's Day is a good excuse for a lot of things.  Showering your loved ones with gifts, eating chocolate, shamelessly wearing red with pink... no apologies this week.  To me, I always associate the day with music - my college a cappella group hires itself out to students across campus to serenade their sweeties/friends/nemeses.  The truth is, I live for flashmobs.

So when V-day rolls around, I always feel get in the mood to listen to some themed music; here are my top picks for the day.

I Found You - Alabama Shakes 
Everyone went a little gaga over the band Alabama Shakes last year when they appeared on Saturday Night Live (at least I did, and ended up buying their entire album the week afterward).  This is one of my favorite tracks off of the album, Boys & Girls. 

Evangeline - 7 Walkers
To me, this sweet song evokes the a full moon in a sleepy summer bayou.  I truly feel like I'm swathed in the music with this one (I'm thinking those ubiquitous cymbal rolls are responsible).  The earnestness of the lyrics are reinforced through Papa Mali's distinctive and bluesy Southern drawl.

Skip to the Good Bit - Rizzle Kicks
This British hip hop duo continues to amaze me.  Their rhymes are thoughtful and their beats are catchy and unique.  If you like their sound, check out their *melodic chaotic* song called Earl Grey.  It's super meta.

Love is an Open Door - Frozen
As a female under the age of 25, I felt it was my public duty to turn the newest Disney movie into a raging success, so of course I went to see it in theaters.  Disney does a great job incorporating fun and original music into the plot of this film, and the song "Love is an Open Door" is no exception.  It's catchy and serves as a great plot acceleration.  Get ready to sing along to this one.

Standing on the Moon - Michael Patrick & the Suburban Hillbillies 
I love this Jerry song.  It's one of my favorite love songs, and this rendition steeped with saxophone is especially sweet. 

I Want You Back - Lake Street Dive
What I wouldn't give to sing like this.  Prepare to be amazed by this gutsy blues rendition of the classic MJ tune.

Positively 4th Street - Jerry Garcia Band
If you've been recently jilted, this is the song for you.  Bob Dylan does it well, but I love the way the JGB pulls it off. 

Sweet Emotion - Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke
This is a funny one.  Always the Aerosmith fan, I had to include this classic on the list, mostly because it's a sweet cover by one of my favorite collab teams of all time.

What are you favorite songs of the season?  Share with me. <3 p="">
Peace, love, and everything pink,

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