Sunday, March 16, 2014

Le1f's launch into mainstream

A dance major at Wesleyan University in CT and a big name in the NYC underground rap scene, Le1f is a movement artist.  Throughout his release of three original mixtapes and his most recent EP called Hey, his beats remain rhythmic and dance-able fit for ~*any*~ respectable kiki.

Hey serves as a preview of Le1f's upcoming album release with Terrible Records/XL Records, who boast big names like Adele, Solange Knowles, and Radiohead.  A dance-laden rendition of Wut was performed on David Letterman on Thursday night.  Always challenging the norm, Le1f sports an outfit off of 

Le1f has the talent to embrace art, music, and himself and combines them together in a meaningful way.  The bitch-I'm-flawless, no-apologies attitude that is exuded through his performances and lyrics is powerful and fun.  (Personally, I'm thinking BeyoncĂ© may have taken a page or two from his book for inspiration for her newest album.)  His work is a welcome replacement to rap's usual obsession with misogyny, violence, and money.
Turn on any song off of Hey and prepare to be greeted by one-liners saturated with sass and the sudden urge to dance like a foo'.  (Blame it on those lush, bouncy beats.)  If you're into that, then you're welcome.

I'm butter like cocoa; lolololol, I'm loco.


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