Saturday, July 12, 2014

Phish @ Randall's Island, Friday July 11th, 2014: Quick Recap

For the city that never sleeps, Phish capped a fantastic show before 11 PM last night. 
They seem to consistently play remarkable shows in the quasi-festival atmospheres they set up, like at Bader Field (Atlantic City 2012) and SuperBall XI (Watkins Glen 2011 - which was a real festival).  My thought is that a special type of creative energy lends itself to the band when Phish & co. has creative control over the venue: sculptures, signs, and specialty tents speckle the lush green field.  It's more of a playground than a venue like an outdoor pavilion or Madison Square Garden.  A playful spirit surrounds us there that infects the band too.

Plus, there's nothing better than free Ben & Jerry's.
Last night, I felt like I had time traveled to late August; could the band I was hearing be the same one that played three fun but unremarkable shows at SPAC just a week ago?  (What happened in Philly that I don't know about?  SPAC was great but certainly does not standout compared to the creations we heard from the Type II Machine last night.

To me, it seemed like the entire show was highlight after highlight.  
The first set was a solid conglomeration of fun and funkiness (see setlist below).  The Bathtub Gin far surpassed the one at SPAC, and I love 555.  I still manage to groan every time a song from Joy is played, but I sing a very different tune when it comes to the material from Fuego.  Some of the new songs impart a beauty that washes over a moment very nicely when placed well, which I think Waiting all Night was. 
Set 1
Moma Dance
Ya Mar
Bathtub Gin
Waiting all Night

My brother turned to me last night and goes, "why isn't Steam on Fuego?"  I didn't know the answer.  Anyone have input?  Was that a single?  Did it get ~scrapped~? 
The switch to the Type II Machine was flipped last night, and managed to generate a second set that never stopped... except when it did, at 10:50 P.M.  I'm not complaining (yes I am).
The DWD>Golden Age combo seems like a classic nowadays.  Is that just me?  The only song on Fuego that I get a little fed up with is... Fuego, because it seems like a glorified Time Turns Elastic, but it managed to stay hot and fresh and feisty last night.

Set 2
Steam >
Golden Age >
LxL >
Fuego >
Bowie >
E: Character Zero
Was there something in that Ben & Jerry's?  Because last night, I felt like I was drinking the Kool-Aid.  Everything seemed flawless.
If so, I am totally about the Kool-Aid. 
See ya tonight!

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