Thursday, November 4, 2010

McLovins 30 October 2010 @ Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT

This Saturday I trucked on up to Norfolk, CT to celebrate Halloween with The McLovins.  They played a solid yet interesting show, always making sure to highlight their individual and group talents.  

A percussion group called The Groove Smugglers did a brief set to open the night and stayed onstage to join The McLovins for their opener, 3:47.  I have always thought it's a really cool song, mostly because of its length (roughly two minutes), but also because it's pretty different than anything else they do.  This tune stays focused on one musical thought the whole time, rather than using a more complicated song structure.  
To keep the night fun and festive, the band did a ton of covers, including "Wouldn't Wanna Be Like You," "YEM," "Tweezer Reprise," "Werewolves of London," and (my personal favorite of the night) "Tik Tok."  Yes, Ke$ha.  And it was glorious.

A new song of their own was introduced that night as well, called Tetop.  The verses start out slow and pick up with each repetition of the chorus, complete with a big, loud (and sorta psychedelic) guitar solo.  Although it wasn't jammed or anything, I can tell it's got the potential.  It's gonna be a good one. 
The most notable cover of the night goes to Ghost, one of my family's favorite Phish tunes.  Their rendition definitely echoed the original song but had a more of a funky vibe.  I always like to hear a different take on a classic!  The end of the tune brought a short but very sweet jam.  Man, those guys know how to be succinct. 

Speaking of ghosts, I could definitely hear a little bit of Jerry's in the fat, heavy tones of Jeff's guitar.  

Deep Monster Trance was where things got hot - the energy in the room was practically tangible.  I can't get over how everything flows so well in this song, especially Jeff's guitar.  It's like listening to liquid HOT LAVA ...but in a good way.  If you listen to anything from the show, make it this track.
The audience was brought back to the good old days with Purple Trees>Rapper's Delight and then into... Tweezer Reprise, bringing back precious memories of June 18th, the night Phish ended with a double Reprise.  
And then there was the drag show:
You Enjoy Myself, popularly known as YEM, was pretty damn incredible that night too.  All I have to say is: I want the vocal jam!

Check out "Werewolves of London"

And then the best thing happened: I so totally called the encore.  It was a joke (or so I thought); when they came out and started the opening section Freebird, people practically thought I was magic.  

Relive the night with a great (free!) recording on here.

Now that it's November, I'm officially breaking out the holiday tunes.  Watch out, world. 

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